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25 January 2021
Online Broadcast - 5 PM Israel/Ukraine Standart Time, 10 AM EST

Amb. Ron Prossor -Opening Remarks

Mr Natan Sheransky- Opening Remarks

Prof. Ivan Patryliak- Opening Remarks

Gunned down: The Story of Ukraine's Jewry: Dr. Kai Struve

Experts Panel: Babyn Yar –Symbol Of 1.5 Million Jews Shot During The Eastern European Holocaust

Conversation with Dr. Faina Vinokruva

Experts Panel: National Trauma, Suppressed History and Erased Identities

Babyn Yar Massacre From A Personal Perspective- Prof. Shimon Redlich

Babyn Yar Massacre From A Personal Perspective -Mrs. Ira Vigdorchik

Mr. Avner Shalev - Closing Remarks

Babyn Yar Massacre

In September 1941, for the very first time in history, a metropolitan city in Europe lost virtually almost all of its remaining Jewish inhabitants to premeditated murder. On the edge of Kyiv (Kiev), in and near the ravine called Babyn Yar, more Jews (33,771, according to the murderers) were slaughtered in two days during World War II than in any other single German massacre.

The Babyn Yar massacre was the largest tragedy of its type during the Holocaust - Mass murder by shooting, perpetrated near the victims’ homes. It destroyed entire communities and left local residents living next to the mass graves of their school friends and neighbors. Yet, this horrifying ‘Holocaust by bullets’ which killed approximately 1.5 million in Ukraine and 2.2 Million Jews in total, across Eastern Europe, has until now largely evaded the historical record.

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